This library's goal is to provide easy Undo/Redo facilities to GTK+ apps. I have developped it because I missed this kinda feature a lot, and I was fed up with writing new code for this operations in every application I've been working on.

It was designed for GTK+2.0, with the GObject model.

If you want to learn more on it, you can read the GtkDoc documentation .
Sorry, the doc is broken for the moment cause I had forgotten to save the extra SGML files, and a misconfiguration made everything beeing flushed when making distribution!!!

Downloads: Prerequisites:

You need GTK-2.0 to compile and use GtkUndo library.


If you find bugs (there must be lots!!!) please e-mail me with as much details as you can give.

If you find this library useful and if you integrate it to any project, please inform me and I will put a link at some place on my site.

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