Grill - A GUI for Brill's POS tagger


Brill's POS tagger is a rule based POS tagger that is very robust, and easy to train in languages other than Enlish. In order to run the GUI you will need to download and install the tagger first.

The idea to write a GUI frontend for Brill's POS tagger came when I tried to translate the software to Afrikaans. I found that the command line interface could be quite intimidating (if you are not a UNIX guru), and that managing the required input and output files were enough to confuse me totally. Hopefully this GUI will make it easier to use the tagger.

Key Features

  • Automising the training stage of the tagger (All input required is a tagged corpus)
  • Accuracy test that can be applied to training data


This software is published under the GNU GPL.
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