A simple&stupid graphic library

Introduction - Keep it simple&stupid

The GQuickDraw graphic library was written to be simple and stupid, it isn't meant as the GTK+-killer or the next replacement of DirectX, instead it is meant as a replacement for old BASIC dialects, which often featured very simple graphic APIs, which weren't really useable for real applications, but instead where pretty nice for quick&dirty visualisation of algorithms or for prototyping. Programms written with GQuickDraw are in general very short and don't need much init code, a normal programm will just look like:

      gd_init_screen(640, 480)
      gd_draw_line(0,0, 640, 480)
      gd_draw_circle(20,200, 50)

GQuickDraw itself is written in C and is able to be used as a normal C library, but in addition to that bindings for Python and Guile will be provided, by using Swig. GQuickDraw is released under the GNU GPL.

Documentation - Everything should be self documenting...

[FIXME: Docu is currently not available, look at the gquickdraw.i file in the tarball and into the examples for a first start]

Examples - Quick&Dirty fun with a few lines of code

A pretty simple graphical effect, together with its own sourcecode. [Python sourcecode]
A classic mandlebrot graphic [Python source code]

Download - Not yet released


CVS Access - Staying on the bleeding edge of development

CVS Access is available via:

      cvs login
      cvs -z3 co gquickdraw

You can browse the CVS tree online here

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