GPack is a GPL licensed package manager for GNU/Linux based systems. GPack aims to create a simple but powerful package management system which offers a great amount of flexibility to the user.

GPack provides the following:

Any feedback and suggestions are welcome. Even better, if you want to give the project a hand, drop me an email.


04.07.05: GPack release - Version 0.9.1

GPack version 0.9.1 released! This is the first tar.gz release on Savannah. This release contains many more enhancements over the other releases, with many more options and features. You can download it from here: gpack-0.9.1.tar.gz


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07.06.05: GPack rewritten - Version 0.9

GPack was rewritten -- now the code is much cleaner and less redundant. A few basic enhancements have also been made. This release is backwards compatible with the older GPack package files. A new package format was also introduced to allow for more expansion at a later date, so therefore all built packages must be rebuilt with this version.

06.06.05: GPack compatible with CRUX Pkgfile's

GPack can now build packages from CRUX GNU/Linux Pkgfiles. GPack can now be seen as an extension to CRUX pkgutils.

11.05.05: GPack now on Savannah

GPack is now available on Savannah! Drop by the CVS repositry to get the latest version.

02.05.05: First public release

First public release of GPack. GPack will be used in the upcoming GNU/Linux distribution named Satyagraha which will be built around only free software (Satyagraha is not public yet).






export CVS_RSH=ssh

cvs -z3 co gpack

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