The GOSSIP Simulation Environment

The goal of the GOSSIP project is to develop and maintain a simulation environment for use primarily in communications engineering and digital signal processing. It will be implemented as an extension to Guile, the Scheme implementation of the FSF.

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The project consists of multiple parts:

Please use the Savannah summary page for this project to learn more about releases, anonymous CVS access, and mailing lists. You might also be interested in the history of GOSSIP.

The primary simulation description will be textual, by writing Scheme programs that are executed by gossip-sim. Gossip-sim supports a hierarchical description and gossip-ed will be able to produce such hierarchical blocks from interactive graphical input.

Going beyond synchronous data flow (towards asynchronous data flow or discrete events) should not be prohibited by the simulation description, but providing the necessary simulation engines and the interaction between them has low priority (as far as the original GOSSIP author is concerned).

As of now, the gossip-sim part is useable and nearly feature complete for its 1.0 release, and there is a useable mockup of the gossip-ed schematic capture tool, but the other parts hardly exist. Documentation for gossip-sim is nearly complete, as well, and there is a tutorial for gossip-ed.

GOSSIP right now is and should remain a fairly simple but yet powerful tool. It should not be a research platform for simulation techniques. The original author is no specialist in simulation techniques anyway and would welcome constructive comments about the existing simulation engine.

The individual parts have TODO files that further detail the intended future of the code.

The one to find the funniest/best expansion of "GOSSIP" (according to my taste) wins a free bottle of the best local beer (according to my taste) shipped to his/her door. Post your suggestions on the gossip-general mailing list.