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GnetCurses is a GNUnet client being developed in C++ using the ncurses user interface.

GNUnet is an anonymous, distributed, trust based network. A first service implemented on top of the networking layer allows censorship-resistant file-sharing.

GnetCurses is free software, available to the general public under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

GnetCurses is in a planning state. At the time the only usefull thing you can do is connect to a (not yet stable) 0.4.9 gnunetd and monitor the stats. Basic search support is implemented but the interface is still missing.

Stable? HA! I'm not even stable myself.


29/09/2002 It's online!


logs statistics help


There isn't a release yet. You can download the sources via CVS.


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Please use the bug tracking tool on the project page.

There's a secure chat server running SILC at dbaseiv.net:706. You may find some help in #GNUnet.

General GNUnet related topics can be discussed on the GNUnet Mailinglists.

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