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  • GlusterHPC: Build High Performance Compute Clusters to run scientific applications. It is replacement for OSCAR or ROCKS.
  • GlusterSSI:Build multi-processor server out of COTS Cluster.
  • GlusterFS: Clustered File Storage that can scale to peta bytes.
  • GlusterImager: Enterprise Class System Imaging Server.
Note: At this point much of the development happens internally over IRC ( #gluster) and FTP. If you need access to early development releases please write to us through the gluster-devel mailing list.

Latest News

Gluster Demo at SC04

15th Apr 2005

Intel sponsored the Gluster demo at SuperComputing-2004 show. Gluster installed Debian GNU/Linux on an SR870BN4 (Itanium2) Cluster.


Gluster provides a modular framework for developing cluster application resources. Gluster targets multiple segments like Super Computing, HPC and Data Centers


Parts of Gluster can be extended and re-used using Python based scripting interface.

OS Independent

Gluster works in Live mode on top of any distribution. This enables Gluster to cluster any operating system as long as file system, partition table and config files are standards based.

Free Software

Gluster distribution is a Free Software. This means you are allowed freely copy, distribute or improve this software. Gluster is licensed under GNU GPL v2 or later.