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What is Genepi?

  Genepi is a XML editor library written in PHP and destined to web environnements. It allows to abstract from the gory details of XML editing: just focus on what your editor should look like. In the near future, there shall be a generic editor to allow editing just any XML file, providing Genepi has access to it's DTD.
  Warning: do not expect Genepi to work correctly on your site. It is highly unstable software, not fit for any real use (for now). If you try it, please send feedback on the genepi-dev mailing list.
  Second warning: Genepi is intended for developpers: this is an object-oriented library, but you still have to write your own editor for the particular DTD (hoping you won't run into Genepi bugs).
  Genepi is free software, distributed under the GNU General Public Licence.


There is no public release yet. You must download a CVS version. You will find the necessary instructions here.
You will also need a DOM implementation for PHP. Genepi is know to work with phpXMLDOM. If you try it with other implementations, please let me know.

Need help? Want to help?

You're welcome. Simply use the resources listed here.
Here are some things to do:
  • Stick to the XPath standard in the editor.
  • Make the code robust (for it's only pre-alpha quality)
  • Create a nice logo :)

The design of this page is an unauthorized rip-off from daCode home page, which has been done by S. Delahaye. Thanks to him.
The project is hosted on Savannah, operated by the GNU project. Thanks to them.
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