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What are the Gnome Chemistry Utils

The Gnome Chemistry Utils provide some utilities and a library containing Gtk widgets and some C++ classes related to chemistry. They are used in both Gnome Crystal and GChemPaint which will be included in future versions.

To compile and use the Gnome Chemistry Utils, you need libglade-2, goffice, GtkGLExt, and OpenBabel, and their own dependencies. Everything except OpenBabel is available from the Gnome repository or one of its mirrors.

GChemistry Utils are distributed under the GPL license.

Current status

Last stable version is 0.6.3.

Last development version is 0.7.5 (uses the Blue Obelisk Data Repository version 5 or later).



Existing widgets are:

CVS access

CVS tree is available at

The whole tree can be downloaded with the following commands:

cvs login

cvs -z3 co gchemutils

cvs logout

The 0.6 branch can be downloaded with:

cvs -z3 co -r gchemutils-0-6 gchemutils


The Gnome Chemistry Utils are referenced on the following sites:

the Gnome project

Last updated February 27, 2007 by J. Bréfort

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