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What is GChemPaint

GChemPaint is a 2D chemical structures editor for the Gnome-2 desktop. I am not aware of an equivalent project and it is why I started it (Chemtool is a nice program based on Gtk+ alone). GChemPaint is a multi document application and is a bonobo server so that some chemistry can be embedded in other Gnome applications. It can also be used to display chemical formula in Mozilla or derived browser with the help of mozilla-bonobo.

GChemPaint is distributed under the GPL license.

To compile and run GChemPaint, you need the Gnome-2 libraries and the Gnome Chemistry Utils version 0.4.6 or later.

Programming notes

GChemPaint is written in C++ but does not use Gtkmm.

Documents format is XML. I thought I could use ChemML but I changed my mind at least for some time. Whatever will be the final file format, files created with early versions of GChemPaint will always be readable by later versions.

As long as I am working alone on this project, things will go quite slowly. If others want to participate for anything, they should contact me.

One new feature present in 0.6.0 is templates. Everybody can submit templates for addition in the distribution. To create a template, draw it in GChemPaint and save it with the name (in english) of the template or use the templates tool in gchempaint-0.6.0 (or later), then submit the file by sending it by email


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Last updated May 25, 2006 by J. Bréfort