The Gallium Project

-- This project has been submitted in response to the Task List entry:
   "An emulator for Macintosh graphics calls on top of X Windows".


 Jerome Slangen <jerome at slangen dot org>


 Gallium is intended  to provide a free (licensed under the GNU LGPL),
 portable and API-compatible Carbon* emulator for the X Window System.


 It will bring to the Macintosh** community of software developers the
 possibility to port their Mac OS** 8/9/X applications to the de facto
 standard windowing environment of the GNU system. Gallium will act as
 a good citizen toward the rest of the community  by integrating other
 complementary GNU and free projects such as GNUstep (OpenStep/Cocoa**
 framework implementation),  Quesa (QuickDraw** 3D compatible library)
 and Window Maker (NeXT** inspired window manager).

 The first objective is to build an API skeleton capable of supporting
 most low-level graphical functionalities (using GTK).

 Later, it will bring the complete human interface toolkit and various
 other higher-level multimedia capabilities (using Mesa, SDL, FreeType
 and Festival, among others).

* This work does not contain any Apple source code and only refer to publicly available documentation.
** Macintosh, Mac OS, OpenStep, Cocoa, QuickDraw & NeXT are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.

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