Friki - A freaky kind of Wiki



Welcome to the freakisest Wiki incarnation there is!

This Python Wiki implementation is built up on various standard plug-in classes that are all the base for the actual Wiki engine.

Brief list of features:

Included in the standard version of Friki:


Visit the project file section on Savannah.


The manual is available on-line here!

Support and bugs

Ask support questions here -or-
Report bugs here. Make sure you don't repeat already reported unresolved bugs. (i.e check if someone has already reported it before you)

Please don't send me e-mail regarding support or bugs, the Savannah system is very good at keeping track of this so let's use it!

Please help

There are many things to do on Friki before it becomes a really good software.

Check the tasks here to see what you can do. Please contact Peter Gebauer <guyver -at-> to become a Friki developer or just want to send a patch!