fivehole graphic.

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Programs for Pressure Probe Measurement.

This page lists the programs that manipulate pressure probe data to get useful flow information such as flow direction and pressure loss.

Please note that all this software and documentation is provided in the hope that it may be useful, but it comes with absolutely no warranty

These programs cover manipulating data from a five hole probe measurement system. The first set of programs cover dealing with the calibration map and the second set cover manipulating the calibration map and the data taken from the rig and recovering flow angles from the procedure.

There are three programs available here coeff, plotcoeff and flow all written in Python they manipulate five hole probe data from a calibration and test rig to produce flow variables such as yaw angle, pitch, total pressure and static pressure.

plotcoeff produces pictures of calibration maps, which allows you to see what the map looks like. Here is a screenshot of the plotcoeff in action.

Plotcoeff screenshot

All programs are written in the Python programming language. More details on that can be found at Python Website