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The natural purpose of play is to learn.
-Jason Arhart

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Project Background

The Free Curriculum Project is an effort to create a complete curriculum and set of course materials that are Free in the GNU sense. Home school students are the obvious target audience, but there isn't any reason that public or private schools couldn't or shouldn't use any or all of this material.

I have written a more complete vision statement.


We'd all like to be everything to everyone. We can't. I'd love to see this project grow to be objectively and universally the best curriculum for every level of education in every language and every culture in the world. In the mean time, I propose the following modest constraints.

The initial curriculum will be for English speaking American students. It is intended to be a course from birth to High School Graduation.

We hope to extract some useful material from out-of-copyright works. Think Algebra homework problems and not-so-recent history chapters.


The project goal is to create a written plan for educating a child from Kindergarten to 12th grade and to create a complete set of course materials under the GNU Free Documentation License to implement this curriculum including textbooks, workbooks, homework and tests.


2 July 2004
I have posted an updated PDF of Algebra Isn't Hard.

I have also fleshed out the course structure that was in CVS and added it to the courses section.

10 May 2004
I have posted an updated version of pLaTeX, including an HTML version of the FCP Primer.

7 May 2004
I've added a sub-project called pLaTeX. It is a perl script for converting LaTeX books to XHTML. Still in early development.

5 May 2004
I have added the TeX source for a primer on the FCP to CVS. You can read, print, and distribute the PDF.

30 April 2004
I've added a People page. RMS stated (via email) that he is glad to be named as an honorary member.

I have "ported" my Algebra text from LyX to LaTeX. There aren't any substantial changes to the text, but I have checked the LaTeX source in to the project CVS.

8 April 2004
Two items. We finally have a logo that doesn't look like a toddler drew it. I have greatly improved my skills with the GNU Image Manipulation Program since I made the original logo.

I am working with the folks at the Free High School Science Texts project on the Algebra portion of their "Maths" book. I intend to appropriate some of their material for the FCP, as they use the FDL as well. Meanwhile, my own Algebra text is beginning to take shape. The chapters are mostly outlined. Several contain text and examples. If you want to have a look, get the PDF.

20 June 2003
I have abandoned the CS text I was working on in favor of using "How to Think Like a Computer Scientist" which is a Free (FDL) CS text that is philosophically identical to the one I was working on. It also has the huge advantage of actually existing. I have redirected my energies into an Algebra text. I will probably check it into CVS once I have a few chapters presentably written.

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