emhacks - Repository for stuff for Emacs

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This project is not part of the GNU Project.

This project is not Emacs nor part of it.

This project aims to help the Emacs users community by maintaining a repository for unofficial stuff for Emacs.

This is not only for Emacs Lisp code, but for every sort of extension or documentation or fun stuff for Emacs (every free Emacs).

UPDATE: this project is unmaintained. Please contact me to apply for maintaining it.


You can get emhacks only from CVS.

See the development area for more informations about how to get it.


The development area is located at <http://savannah.gnu.org/projects/emhacks>.

$Date: 2006/06/11 17:10:18 $ Please send comments and questions to <emhacks-public@nongnu.org>.