Game Description

Dragon Hunt is a fun rogue-like/RPG game for Linux and Windows. You play an adventuring hero who is investigating rumours of monsters in a small town. You explore towns, mountains, valleys, caves, rivers, islands, and deserts while fighting monsters, collecting gold and gems, and hunting the legendary Great Dragon.


11/05/05 Version 3.51 Released
Fixed a few small bugs that got into 3.50.
11/04/05 Version 3.50 Released
The latest release has re-organized the UI with a summary display of your hero's current stats and unified all the windows into a single canvas. Skills now show the price of their use in battle and items can be equipped during battle. Various other small bugfixes are also included.
7/05/05 Version 3.49 Released
Shops, inv access and the inventory itself now use the canvas exclusively. Rebalanced game a bit. Improved scripting. (Bugfixes and new abilities) Minor bugfixes/improvements (thanks to Michael Kallas)
5/06/05 Version 3.48 Released
Improved a few maps. (Allison Marles) Redid scripting. All commands are now stackable, which should allow for more complex scripts.
3/27/05 Version 3.47 Released
The loadgame window displays stats before loading the game. Improved a few maps.
3/22/05 Version 3.46 Released
Equipment display in inventory is now tile-based. Added energy potions. Map editor retains formatting. Stores, battles, and inventory all appear within the main window now.
2/23/05 Version 3.45 Released
Several new levels added. (Allison Marles, George Tuosto) Gems added. (Allison Marles)
2/21/05 Version 3.44 Released
Added (unusable) path from town.
2/16/05 Version 3.43 Released
Battle interface improved. Enhancements to map editor.
2/10/05 Version 3.42 Released
Multiple monsters can attack at once. Bugfixes. New levels/content. (Allison Marles and George Tuosto)
2/02/05 Version 3.41 Released
Map Editor can adjust walkable status. Fixed walls in town.
1/29/05 Version 3.40 Released
New (better) buttons. (Allison Marles) Underground battles now have a better background. New final level.
1/13/05 Version 3.39 Released
All monsters have pictures. Large number of small improvements.
1/04/05 Version 3.38 Released
Improved maps. (Town, Level 2, Island) Bugfixes. Improvements in abilities.