DHCP Forwarder

This program forwards DHCP messages between subnets with different sublayer broadcast domains. It is similarly to the DHCP relay agent dhcrelay of ISC's DHCP, but has the following features which are important for me:

It tries to be RFC 2131/2132 and 3046 compliant. Probably it works with BOOTP (RFC 951) also, but since the handling of the giaddr field is described misleading (see RFC 1542), there may occur problems.


19 Aug 2004
Version 0.7 (121KiB) released [SIG]
This version fixes compilation-issues with dietlibc 0.27.
17 Jun 2004
Version 0.6 (120KiB) released [SIG]
This version makes it possible to run multiple instances of the program on the same machine.
15 Jul 2003
Version 0.5 (113KiB) released
This version allows `.' characters in interface-names to make it work with VLAN kernels.
29 Aug 2002
Version 0.4 (107KiB) released
This release fixes broken memory-allocation on low optimization-levels, fixes the daemonizing code by disconnecting from controlling terminal and allows PPP interfaces on server-side. Please see the NEWS file for a full list of changes.
12 Jul 2002
Version 0.3 (105KiB) released
This release contains a lot of new features and several minor and major bugfixes (supplemental groups were not dropped in previous versions).
14 Jun 2002
Version 0.2 (86KiB) released
A manpage and more documentation are the main enhancements of this version.
13 Jun 2002
Version 0.1 (83KiB) released


Latest sources and their GPG signatures can be found here. Filenames which are having the format dhcp-forwarder-X.Y.tar.bz2 are official releases; such with a triple version like X.Y.Z are inofficial snapshots. A short description and further information are given in README; user visible changes in NEWS

Binary packages are not provided but can be built with the usual

./configure && make && su -c make install

Please look at the output of ./configure --help for further options. RPMs can be created by executing

rpmbuild -tb dhcp-forwarder-<version>.tar.bz2

Enrico Scholz
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