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Roland Mas

Roland Mas, known by many email addresses, identified by the 1024D/144843F5 GPG key available on most public key servers. He is a French Debian developer, and a developer of one project on Sourceforge.net (ORBit-Python). He first tried to install Sourceforge 2.0 in his workplace, he did it several times, and he ended up by posting his installation log on the Offsite forum. Then Guillaume Morin took that log and turned it into a full-blown installation guide for SF 2.0, much more complete than his log was. That guide was in turn used by him for his first attempt at packaging SF for Debian. He almost released his package for Sourceforge 2.0, but since then 2.5 was out. So he decided not to provide an upgrade path from 2.0 to 2.5, and he started working on 2.5 right away. The first upload to Debian was done on May the 14th, 2001.

Christian Bayle

Christian Bayle (identified by 1024D/AEBCE71F GPG Key) is another Frenchman, but was not a Debianite at the beginning. Well, an official developer now. Rolando thinks that he did more than he can thank him for, including most of the LDAP thing, the CVS, the CVSweb, the virtual hosting, and probably more.

Soon-Son Kwon
Soon-Son Kwon is Korean, got involved to debian-sf by submitting patches for i18n. He is still working on i18n and maintains this website.
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