What's it all about?

This project is currently involved in defining a language def that would allow someone to write a multiple-stream pipe. (See the project description for more info.)

At the moment, there's a basic implementation written in REXX which does various things such as reading & writing files, setting variables, allowing branches to split up the record flow etc.

I've a bunch of ideas that he wants to work on. Updates tend to come in fits and starts depending on what mood I'm in, whether I've time (job hunting takes priority) and whether I've a need for something.

Hopefully I can sort out a decent schedule for updates in the future. Hopefully.

20050411 RSF Ideas list

At the moment I've got an idea for re-organising the stage args. That'll hopefully give me the chance to go space delimited.

On top of this there's the internal index and index sort concept to work on. This should allow, albeit at the expense of storage and a sort, predictability of arrival if you have more than one record in your buffer and send it all into a selection stage.