cpIRC is a C++ interface to the Internet Relay Chat protocol (RFC 1459). Although currently in the early stages of coding, the aim is to make it into a fully blown C++ implementation of the protocol. You can essentially look at it as the C++ version of the Perl Net::IRC module. Like the Net::IRC Perl module, cpIRC is built around handlers/hooks/callbacks and is a simple event driven model - for every type of event that the IRC server throws back at the client, the user can have their own particular function called.


NOTE: Although the latest version of cpIRC should compile under an ANSI C++ compiler on Windows/Linux/Unix/Sun/*BSD, it has only been compiled on a Windows 2000 Professional machine with Micrsoft Visual C++ 6, and under Sun Solaris with G++.

Latest version is v0.1.6 (Apr 12). Notable changes:

From v0.1.5 (Apr 5): From v0.1.4 (Mar 4): From v0.1.3 (Feb 12): From v0.1.2 (Feb 5): From v0.1.1 (Feb 1): From v0.1.0 (Jan 30):


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