29. Jul 2003
Construo 0.2.2 is out, fixes the speed problems in de X11 target, should result in around 4 times smoother graphics
26. Jul 2003
Construo 0.2.1 is out, some new features and lots of bugfixes. A (incomplete) tutorial is also available.
11. Jan 2003
Construo 0.2.0 is out, new features, new bugs
02. Dez 2002
Construo House of Horrors - Part 2 released, a pack of 9 new torture constructions by Mark Michelsen is available
24. Nov 2002
Construo House of Horrors, a pack of 9 torture constructions by Mark Michelsen is available
22. Nov 2002
Construo 0.1.0 is out


Construo is a simple 2D construction programm (it is currently not a real game) for objects which consist of rods and springs and let them react on physical forces. You can currently construct buildings and objects like bridges, towers, spaceshuttles, etc. and you let them fall to ground and see seem smash and break. Sound like fun, doesn't it =;-) The game is similar to Bridge Builder and heavily inspired from the Gamasutra article Collision Response: Bouncy, Trouncy, Fun. Its covered under the GNU General Public License, thats means source code is availabel and you are allowed to modify it.


The 'thing' is currently useable for constructing simple 2D objects, but there is really quite a lot stuff missing. There is currently no way to set different parameters for rods or springs, change their color or thikness. Building with prefabs could also be fun. Colliding rods would also be a usefull feature, currently only rod-ground collision is implemented. See the file TODO in the source directory contains a few more infos.


GNU/Linux or another Unix-like OS
probally something fast, havn't tested it on anything sub-1Ghz
Only plain Xlib is required, which comes with every distro



Source Code

The versions up from 0.1.0 only require Xlib or Glut, which comes with every GNU/Linux and should be available an almost all systems, so you shouldn't have problems compiling it. Binary version for 0.2.0 arn't planed, but can be provided if anybody has throuble compiling themself.

CVS Access

Information on how to access the Construo CVS tree (aka the working directory of the developers) can be found at the Savanna CVS page. GNU/Linux users should be able to simply enter:

cvs -d co construo

into a terminal and have a working checkout.

Static Binaries

These are statically linked binaries, that means they run without any extra requiremed libraries (except X11 and a GNU/Linux box). [Note: static binaries are no longer provided, since compilation should be relativly easy, if there is any demand for them I could start providing them again.]

Additional Constructions

Additional constructions, contributed by Construo users:
  • choh2.tar.bz2 - Construo House of Horror 2 - A collection of 9 new torture machines by Mark Michelsen (already included in 0.2.0)
  • choh.tar.bz2 - Construo House of Horror - A collection of 9 torture machines by Mark Michelsen (already included in 0.2.0)


Copyright (c) 2001 Ingo Ruhnke, <>
Last update: Mon May 13 13:29:08 2002