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4. Project status

Right now this is only a proposal, but I am quite determined to do some serious work.

If it works, and I can get enough people to work on the database, I hope that this project may help us to make our communication more efficient.

Project roadmap:

  1. conduct some intenet-research
  2. consult experts
  3. collect more data, read books, etc
  4. evaluate available software and design options and standards, collect ideas
  5. design data-structure and develop the necessary algorithms for handling it
  6. implement the knowledge data-base kernel
  7. implement the knowledge server
  8. design the needed algoritms for communicating with users
  9. implement the user interfaces
  10. load some useful (example) information to the database
  11. make people use the system
  12. process and present the thoughts and arguments of late thinkers and philosophers

Currently I am between the first and the second step. :)

But 10 years from now you might find that all important discussions take place on the internet, hosted on public servers using the results of this project :))

After spending one day with thinking about this project, once I had a dream. I was in some kind of cyber-space, and I walked along thought-paths! I could see the interlocked arguments, and different opinions as road forks... it was wonderful!

I want to make it real.

Please send comments on these web pages to fenwick@freemail.hu.

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