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2. Ideas

Here are some random ideas about the project.

  1. The project should be Free Software, licensed under the GNU GPL.
  2. The project should make it possible to present opinions, ideas, thoughts in a structured and sorted manner. I do not mean an AI system here; the role of the computer would be only to administer things.
  3. The project should make it possible to simultaneously present conflicting arguments, together with their reflections to each other.
  4. The created data-base should have a multi-user interface (for example via a web portal), which should make users able to add their thoughs/opinions/points to the database. The difference between this and simple internet forums (such as bulletin boards) would be that everything must be presented in a logical structure.
  5. It should be able to somehow visualise the system of arguments about a specific matter, with all the relations between the points. (More than one different presentation could exist.)
  6. The thoughts of all previous thinkers and philosophers should be presented. (Yes, I know, it will take decades of work...)

Of course this is all very fuzzy right now. Everything here is subject to change.

Please send comments on these web pages to fenwick@freemail.hu.

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