About Charmap

Charmap is a powerful character map. It works on Unix-like operating systems with the GNUstep installed.

Charmap's power lies not just in simply helping to pick characters, but also its display of substantial Unicode data about each character, such as the Unicode name, alias, canonical decomposition, Unicode category, and various representations. With all this, linguaphiles and software developers alike will find Charmap a useful tool.

Charmap is Free Software and licensed under the GNU Public License.



The manual for the latest version is Guide to the Charmap Application 0.2 (PDF format)


The current version of Charmap is 0.2. Download source. (GPG signature)


Translating Charmap

Charmap is by its very nature an international application, and the developers welcome new translations. If you would like to translate Charmap into your native language, please contact the developers. Translating Charmap does not require any special skills or knowledge of programming.


Charmap is developed using the OpenStep standard. Development is hosted at Savannah, and information about CVS access and bug tracking can be found at the Charmap Project Page.

Contributions to Charmap are welcome. Developers should keep in mind, however, that the source should be strictly limited to the OpenStep standard.