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this page is intended for people who are interesed in measurement data within the edonkey network. I have to do this work for my study, so I can as well share my data.

who wonders: ceDonkey is definitely dead. the old homepage can be visited here. I really couldn't get the network layer up and my time ran out. Whoever might want the code for whatever reason, I hereby give up all rights to it. May it be of some use to someone else. :-) It can still be downloaded from the project page (linked up in the nav area).

thanks to thomas (the main programmer of cDonkey) I was able to use his server for my logging purpose. You can download the now logging-enabled code from CVS on the given page. I will provide some additional tools for analysis here.


The first set of catched text-search messages is ready for download here. Have fun reading! (this file will be updated regularly, and some analysis tools will follow as well I think).