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This is a project idea initiative released under the GNU Free Documentation License. In the current economic scenario, the communication system w.r.t. telephone, mobile services, courier services is very good in a lot of countries. But, there are also people who still use dial-up. They may not have the time or resources to download huge ISOs. But, there may be others who might already have the GNU/Linux CDs.

There are GLUGs where people exchange CDs through online websites and mailing lists. But, not every city or village has a GLUG. So, this project helps in initiating a cds4grabs page in providing the contact info of people who are willing to share/lend/copy/exchange GNU/Linux CDs by utilizing the backbone communication services (telephones, mobile services, courier services) of their country.

Each country can have a database that will have a list of different states, and within each state there will be a list of cities. The cities will contain records on different areas/counties providing the following details:

Current GNU/Linux and Free Software User Groups that implement CDs for Grabs project.

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