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This is the initial homepage for the Coup de foudre project.

What is the Coup de foudre project?

The Coup de foudre project is an attempt at a universal language system. This is best described as a cross between Roget's Thesaurus, a babel fish and a good dictionary from your locale.

Wow! Sounds great where can I download it?

The Coup de foudre project is in its initial ideas phase. The cdf-protean mailing list is a constantly changing discussion group.

You can however download the Coup de foudre paper which outlines the system.

Please do this, it is light reading and interesting to anyone with a stake in the future of the internet

What can I do to help?

Join the cdf-protean mailing list.

Download the initial paper, read it and spread it.

Once we have decided on a firm plan of action we will need programmers of all shapes and sizes to help speed the developement of the project.

Any questions?

Email me: John Everitt

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