Welcome to the web site for CarrotQ.

CarrotQ is a task management toolset, in color!

CarrotQ allows you to create a list of "to-do" items that can be prioritized by different parties. This means that two or more people might be able to prioritize a set of tasks based on their separate preferences and priorities; the carrotq software will then calculate the prioritization of the task based on the separate criteria.

Hopefully this will allow groups of individuals to more easily recognize where resources need to be allocated. One potential usage would be in a software development setting where it might allow management and developers to better prioritize tasks, allowing management to create incentives. It could be a useful tool in distributed development where management needs to create clear goals and incentive across cultures and regions.

Currently CarrotQ is being actively developed, but is still in the planning stage. It is still 'alpha' software. A beta release hopefully will happen in the middle of 2007.

There is a sample screen shot to show what the software looks like to the right.Click on it for a larger image. Code is in the CVS repository and if you know Savannah you can easily access the code. However, since this is not yet working software, links to the CVS repositories are not yet available on this page. You can join the mailing list discussion however here: mailing lists

screen shot of carrotq
Sample screenshot, click to enlarge