Hello, good day and welcome to a chaotic world that is the result of a game where the programmers are also the directors, artists, writers, and designers. If you've ever met a programmer, you know you're in for a ride.

For some time, a small band of eccentric programmers here have been toiling with the idea of creating our own game. More recently we thought a role-playing game, a rather bizarre and satirical one to be precise, would be a lot of fun to develop. We then began taking the idea more seriously, creating characters, story elements, seeking out musical talent, and putting together the beginnings of a graphical engine. With a tangible project underway, we needed a name. The general theme of the game revolves around a very farcical time-travel story, allowing the player to change history, change the outcome of the game, and even change his own course of action. I clicked through some random nodes on and found the word "bontz", which negates the previous phrase, like "...not!!". So this silly homebrew project is going to be the next Final Fantasy ... BONTZ!! With the whole time travel thing and negating what came just before ... well you see the connection.

Our team is quite unique. Formed from a number of friends who each bring something strange and nifty to the table, we're quite an interesting collection of talents. Meet the Bontz Team

Check out some of the works in progress. The game has a lot of ground yet to cover, but this stuff is a taste of what lies ahead.

Bontz itself is being coded primarily in C++ using SDL libraries. Bontz uses the GNU General Public License, ensuring that every part of it will always be free in every sense of the word.