Bombermaze is Bomberman clone for GNOME. It is a multiplayer action game in which players run around in a square-grid maze while dropping bombs and collecting power-ups. The bombs explode after a short time delay, taking out any nearby bricks and players. For maximum effect, bombs can be arranged so as to cause a chain reaction of explosions. The last player left is the winner.


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To download a current version of Bombermaze, choose one of the options listed below. You can also get both current and older versions from the File List.

Installation is pretty standard, but if you need help, read the Install section.

This software is licensed under the GPL.


To see the history of feature additions and bug fixes, look at the NEWS and ChangeLog files. Current features are:

  • Support for 2 to 4 players
  • 5 different power-ups: Extra Bomb, Extra Blast Radius, Trigger Bomb, Kick Bomb, and Extra Speed
  • Configurable mazes and randomizable mazes
  • Configurable key controls
  • Theme support (ie., configurable tiles and sprites)

Planned features

  • User interface improvements
  • Themes for download
  • Sound
  • Network support, increase number of players
  • Computer-controlled opponents

For a more detailed description of planned features, see the TODO file.


2004-02-22 New IceRocks theme by Matej Rokos.
2002-03-08 Now that I have started posting news again after a really long delay, you might be wondering if this means a new software release is coming soon. Well, I can't promise anything, because I can only work on this game when I have spare time and if I'm not spending that time doing other things :).

I have been doing some work on version 0.6.7 very occasionally, but I do mean to release it eventually. In order to implement one of the planned features for 0.6.7 (previewing themes in the preferences dialog), I had to rewrite parts of the graphics backend, so many things are broken right now, but hopefully after I put it back together again, it will be more extensible.
2002-03-08 Wow. It has been a long time since the last update. Bombermaze is now hosted by
2001-09-13 SourceForge has been improving the performance of their download servers and phasing out the use of their slower project FTP service. I have therefore discontinued FTP availabiity of files. Go to the Package Index for older files.
2001-08-01 New classicbman theme by Vincent Wong.
2001-07-12 New stickdeath theme by Nicholas Curran.
2001-06-23 Version 0.6.6 released.
This version contains new translations for Danish, German, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, and Ukrainian (da, de, es, it, no, ru, uk).
The game code itself is unchanged from 0.6.5, because the source is in an uncompilable state right now. However, I figured it was time I packaged all the new translations into a release.
2001-03-13 Debian package available. Check the download section for details.
2001-02-25 Version 0.6.5 released.
Theme preview includes the theme's README text, and the map preview shows the players's starting locations.
The space and icons3d themes have been added.
A Japanese translation has been added.
2001-01-27 New space theme and updated version of the title graphic from the previous news item.
2001-01-21 New icons3d theme and title graphic.
2000-12-31 Version 0.6.4 released.
The map selection interface now includes a preview of the selected map. You can enable/disable the Match Status dialog and also the case sensitivity of the controls.
It should be possible in this release install to any arbitrary directory tree, not just the tree to which Gnome is installed. Let me know if there are any problems in this regard.
Sorry for the long delay since the last release. I've been busy with a bunch of other stuff.
2000-10-28 New themes section. Includes gnomed theme.
2000-09-25 Version 0.6.3 released.
The Bomb sprite has been redrawn and animated, and triggerable bombs look slightly different from normal ones.
There are 4 new parameters for you play with: flame duration, bomb chain reaction delay, and shatter durations for bricks and power-ups.
2000-09-07 The download section's link to the 0.6.2 source RPM has been fixed.
2000-09-06 Version 0.6.2 released.
The preferences dialog has a theme selector, the map selection interface uses an option menu now, and the Help button works now.
Brazilian Portuguese is supported as of this release, and language translations work properly now.
2000-09-06 New screenshots page.
2000-08-25 Version 0.6.1 released to fix a bug in 0.6.0.
2000-08-25 Version 0.6.0 released. Most of the graphics have been redrawn, with the player sprites having 5 times as many frames as before. When they move, they actually swing their arms and legs now.
2000-08-12 Version 0.5.1 released. You can now play multi-round matches and customize the probability of getting different types of power-ups. French language support is included in this release.
2000-08-03 Version 0.5.0 released. The Kick Bomb and Extra Speed power-ups are now available, and the animation is much smoother.
2000-07-29 Install and Requirements sections have been updated.
2000-07-27 Version 0.4.2 released. The Trigger Bomb power-up is now available.
2000-07-24 Project registered at and added to the GNOME software map under the Entertainment category.
2000-07-23 Version 0.4.1 completed.
2000-07-22 Version 0.4.0 completed.

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