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About Babe

of the Head of a GNU] Babe is a framework for providing end to end reliable brokering of diverse data types, independent of the transport protocol being used.

Babe is hosted by Savannah. CVS information, mailing list information, and other Babe related information can be found at http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/babe

Babe is currently available via CVS only. Official distributions are planned once we become an alpha project.


6/16/03: Code update and new documentation
There is some new documentation available here as well as a bunch of new source code in CVS. Things are moving along slowly, but they are moving along.
1/21/03: Babe 0.0.3 available for download
New for 0.0.3 You can download the latest version of Babe from CVS or from here.
1/13/02: Babe 0.0.2 available for download
Lots of development happened over the last two weeks. Check the ChangeLog for more details. You can download Babe from here or from CVS. The latest version is known to compile and run on FreeBSD, GNU/Linux, and Solaris 9.
12/29/02: EBNF for Broker Rules
The EBNF specification for the broker rule language is up for review. You can check it out from CVS or view it here: http://mail.gnu.org/pipermail/babe-coredevel/2002-December/000002.html This specification will be used for writing rules for data brokering, so please submit any comments, questions and suggestions to the Babe coredevel mailing list babe-coredevel@nongnu.org. It is especially important to get feedback if people can find deficiencies in the language, as it will be easier to make those changes in the design phase.
12/14/02: Babe available via CVS
Babe was imported into CVS at Savannah, and is available. Please check here to find out about accessing it.


This is as of 12/14/02 the development plan for Babe:


Babe is developed by the Babe developers. For questions about Babe send E-Mail to babe-coredevel@nongnu.org or babe-moddevel@nongnu.org.