The GNU/Linux System Architect Toolkit

About This Project

The System Architect Toolkit is for anyone who wants to break out of the constraints imposed by traditional GNU/Linux distributions and explore their own ideas of how to build a system.

Remember playing with plastic building blocks as a kid? A bunch of rectangular blocks, coupled with a good imagination, could become anything; a formula one race car, a medieval castle, a mighty starship, anything. Think of this project as providing the plastic building blocks of the computer world.

This project will not be a linear path to any one particular system. Instead it is designed to give readers the tools and techniques for building whatever springs from their imagination. The project will provide shell scripts, called package recipes, for converting source code packages into binary packages. There will also be documentation covering such topics as system development techniques, user interface design, project management and so on. Readers are encouraged to use these tools to create the system of their dreams.

Getting Involved

This project continues where The Pocket Linux Guide leaves off. Those interested in this project would be advised to start with The Pocket Linux Guide to get some background knowledge.

Got an idea for a system? Join the architect-discuss mailing list and share your ideas with the group. Please note, you must subscribe to post.

Package recipes are being added. Several recipes are currently available in CVS. Documentation is available for those interested in creating recipes. If you are familiar with BASH scripting please consider lending a hand.