Greetings ...

... interested developers. Currently this project is in the Planning phase where I am collecting ideas on how to realize the more complicated features this server is going to provide. Actually the list of wanted features is currently just a set of ideas, too. I would like to welcome anybody who is interested in participating the project in any productive way. This not only means coding , but also making feature requests, asking questions, giving tips and discussing known problems or ones that may occur. Contact me if you want to join.


Antbear is going to become a peer-oriented Half-Life masterserver that will be as powerful as the official ones. That means fully implement the known supported protocol between masterserver and client(gamebrowser) and between masterserver and gameserver. Another major goal is 'extending' the protocol to support player searching. With a database driven server a search for a friend would probably take less than a second, depending on the internet connection.


First of all I am going to mention some guidelines this project should follow:


Follow this link to see a list of features antbear shall offer. The features are shortly summarized and a description of possible problems might follow.


You might use the development forum at or contact me directly by mail.

More details on the savannah project page: